Arizona Real Estate: Reasons To Buy 

Many people buy Arizona real estate for practical reasons – their jobs or their families are based in the state, for example. However, if you’re a bit more flexible about location, you may take a little more convincing that Arizona in general (and Scottsdale more specifically!) really does deserve your attention.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when weighing in on the pros and cons of a move to Arizona.

The Natural Landscape Is Diverse, But Always Stunning

Arizona Real Estate

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When people think of Arizona, they tend to think of deserts. And it’s perfectly true that we’re not short of vibrantly-colored desert landscapes which are never less than epic in scope. However, if you prefer a bit of greenery, you don’t have to look far. Arizona is also home to verdant forests and lush meadows. Scottsdale is a desert town, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dusty, sandy, barren landscape by any means! The town is very leafy indeed and, with its beautiful mountain backdrop, provides everything that one could wish for in a glorious and varied landscape. Head a little further afield, and you’ll find that the state is amply stocked with national forests – as well as the more widely known deserts and canyons!

House Prices Are Perfect Right Now

The Arizona housing market is on the rise. In Scottsdale, prices are currently affordable, but set to rise. This is good news on two fronts – but only if you get in quick! Firstly, the boom and bust which has rocked the housing market in Arizona for some years has levelled out – but has left house prices relatively low. This means that property in places like Scottsdale is generally more accessible for first-time buyers and the like than it is elsewhere in the country. However, the now-stable nature of the market, and the attractiveness of Arizona as a state, means that property prices are rising at an exponential rate. Anyone who buys now is sure not only to make a lot of money as their property appreciates in value, but to save on overheads like insurance and so forth which may be based upon the value of property at purchase. So get in quick, in order to make the best of these fertile real estate conditions!

No More Daylight Savings!

Partially due to its global positionings (with little change in daylight levels throughout the year – great for all you summer-lovers!), and partially because Arizona simply can’t be bothered with the hassle, (most of) Arizona is one of only two states that does not observe daylight savings time. So no need to lose an hour of sleep come springtime! Of course, this does mean that you don’t gain an hour of sleep in the winter, but think of the easy time you’ll have twice a year compared to everyone else who’s wondering what on earth the time is and trying to recalibrate their body clocks!

You’ll Get A Warm Welcome

Arizona is like nowhere else in the United States. A blend of Native American, European, and Latino culture forms a unique Arizona character which, while not exactly effusive, is definitely good-hearted. Your new neighbors will feel genuinely welcoming towards you, and treat you with the kind of friendly kindness that everyone wants. If you wish to feel like part of a community, move to Arizona. Are the people quirky? Some would say yes because they inexplicably wear sweaters in 70 degree temperatures, however you’ll find they are warm-hearted, and very genuine.

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Article: Arizona Real Estate was written by: Anne Taylor for Luxury Valley Homes real estate,