$54 Million VA Spent on Prosthetics

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$54 million VA spent on prosthetics caught the attention of the oversight committee.

Attention: Congress shocked to find questionable $54 million spent on prosthetics with no documentation available!

Interest: Do you ever question where your tax dollars go? It seems Congress has some questions after realizing that an astonishing $54,435,743 worth of prosthetics were bought with taxpayer money and no paperwork was filed to document the purchases.

Desire: It’s time for a change — we deserve to know where our hard-earned money is going and we should be able to trust that it’s going to the right places.

VA officials received an inquiry from Congress in September 2012 about the Bronx payments, but a letter signed by former secretary Eric Shinseki did not go out until July 2013. The VA agency was prepared to say that the records had been transferred to VA’s medical center in Manhattan. They were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy according to VA officials.

Action: Improve accountability of our nation’s spending habits and ensure that every dollar makes it into the right hands.

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