Vicky Mora Testimonial Luxury Valley Homes Team

Vicky Mora Testimonial

Vicky Mora Testimonial: Another Happy Client Shares Her Home Search Experience

Vicky Mora Testimonial: Luxury Valley Homes  – I just wanted to let you know what great real estate agents the Luxury Valley Homes (LVH) team has been for me. From the moment I first called, you made me feel comfortable that moving to the Phoenix area was going to be great.

You understood what a big change this would be for me, but also understood how important it was. 

You always kept me focused looking at the right areas.  Keeping in mind proximity to my wonderful little granddaughter (whom I so greatly missed), as well as my brother and his family.  You always looked out for my safety, happiness, and general fit for any properties we wanted to see.

There were some opportunities that came up before my actual purchase, which the LVH team tried hard on my behalf to obtain, always going over and above from what I have experienced in the past when purchasing a home. 

This leads me to the condo I ended up buying.  Due to me living in California it wasn’t always easy to see firsthand properties myself, so on a few occasions, it was great to have you preview the property for me. On this last one I was amazed by the videotape, and photographs of the condo. It hit the mark and found the right place for me that met my criteria. I did like the other condo but when your research showed their financials were in a bad place and they had over 60% of investors you saved me from make a huge financial mistake.

So, overnight my daughter, and I had to plan a much-unexpected road trip to Phoenix the weekend before Christmas.

You made this seamless and expeditious, always looking out for my best interests.  Even when maybe I needed to be reined in (which was quite often – I’m a little impatient, unfortunately).

All in all, I would definitely refer anyone to seek the services of the Luxury Valley Homes team. Jane Daley, you and your team are the best! 

Vicky Mora

Proud new homeowner
Phoenix, Arizona

We appreciate the testimonial from Vicky Mora. Your feedback on your experience with the Luxury Valley Home team is always welcome.


Article: Vicky Mora Testimonial: Luxury Valley Homes Team – Jane Daley

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