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Enlarge Your Home At Little or No Cost

Enlarge your home at no cost | Winfield real estate Arizona, has found that if there’s no other way to arrange your furniture? Perhaps you’ve crowded too much into the space–take some out! Is your furniture too big for the room? Replace oversized items with smaller pieces. Drop-leaf tables, for example, are a great idea for small dining rooms and dinettes.

People across the USA are putting their spending habits under the microscope. For would-be homebuyers, that might mean purchasing a smaller house meets their budget. For homeowners, it could mean not moving forward with the room-addition. By giving it a little thought and planning a home can look much bigger with better utilization of space.

Placement of Furniture can make the room look bigger.

Placement of Furniture can make the room look bigger.

Have you ever walked into the house and the first thing the house greets you with is a wall that serves to redirect the pedestrian to other rooms? How about moving to a room that you cannot see that might be and often is the living room. A room that always looks good but is rarely used. Leaving one or more rooms unused can make the house feel cramped, because activity is concentrated in a small area of the home.

Something as simple as opening the wall from the kitchen or adding the living room area as part of your family room (many times these rooms are adjacent to each other) once accomplished you will start to use it merely because you can see it and your home just became bigger even though your square footage remained the same. Walking in the front door can give lots of oohs and ahhs.

Contrast can make a visual appeal establishing architectural interest within the home. It also gives a subtle demarcation between rooms. This really helps make the rooms work together and make the space look larger. It you have to raise your ceiling this can be expensive because you’re working with the structure but if you’re lowering the ceiling it’s an easy and inexpensive project.


If you’re planning to sell your home soon, you’ll want to give it every advantage. Rearranging rooms might help. For more great ideas, we offer a helpful report online: SHOWCASING: Set The Stage For A Quick Sale.” You can read it right now, at no obligation whatsoever. Feel free to call or e-mail us for more ideas that work. 

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