Color Me Wonderful

Color Me Wonderful

Accenting your home with colorful furniture and home accessories can brighten up a room, adding life and color in ways you never thought possible. Gone are the days where neutral-colored furniture is scattered around the house. This is the perfect time to paint your home a new color and give your home a new style.

With the various colors, making a theme-based room and designing a furniture along with it, seems easy. However, there is a need to be careful in selecting the correct color combination since colors that do not complement each other can disrupt the total look of the home.

Here are a few ideas you can start with:

Yellow– Painted in the color of sunshine, daises and butter, this color will give warmth to any room. A bright yellow accent chair in the corner of the living room makes everyone smile. Yellow creates a sunny disposition.

Plants and PotsPink and Brown – The color combination of pink and brown is cute and  feminine with a grown up feel. Bright pink in particular will work in any style and work in any space. This color works for a dresser with a mirror giving a young sophisticated look. Not too bulky and not too small, this dresser will fit right into any girl’s dream room.

Olympian Blue – This color is an appealing and a vibrant shade of blue. It is perfectly suited to a seaside cottage or a sleek loft as it offers lots of personality to a space.

Orange – A less popular color choice, but offers twice the fun, tangerine items are perfect if you want a color that will stand out. Orange-colored wallpapers , chairs or a writing desk is best as the popularity of this color continues.

Candles and Candle Holders To decorate your room further, there are items that can be added in your living space:

Candles and Candle Holders – There is nothing like a unique candle holder to brighten up your dining room. Who says special occasion is needed to light some candles? Useful in romantic dinners, these candle holders are a modest decorative item.

Plants and Pots – Plants inside a home creates a feeling of calmness and peace. Even when it’s cold outside, a few beautiful plants and pots will always mean spring and summer at home. Further, it makes a home happier.

Children’s Decorative Lighting – Suitable for a child’s room, these pleasant and child-friendly lights add color and fun to the spaces around any home, the designs paving child’s imagination to grow, learn and develop.

Pictures and Frames Pictures and Frames – What a better way to hang the fondest memories on the wall. Frame your children’s artworks, favorite pictures or any smile-inducing mementos. Whatever decorations you choose, let your personality lead the way.

It’s a lot more fun to decorate your home while playing with your imagination with colors and designs. Opt for those that catch your attention and give off an instant good feeling.


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