At Home with Pets

At Home with Pets

Buying a house is a tiring and rewarding process but that doesn’t stop there. The greatest effort is making your house into a home. For some, adding a pool or a garden makes an ordinary house a home sweet home because of the bond shared among the family members. Others, find having pets is an essential necessity of home living.

Homes are places where love and memories are made and its great to make wonderful memories at home with pets. The Luxury Valley Homes team will bring to you some of the best that will surely make any house a home.

Cats : Cats are very loving and snugly, but also independent so you don’t have to provide them all your attention all the time like you do with dogs. When they are out of their kitten stage, they are perfectly okay with sleeping the whole day. These felines can tolerate being left alone for several hours and would still love to cuddle then their owner get’s home. Aside from that, cats are also very intelligent animals. They will be able to understand and adjust to your daily routine making sure that they would not disrupt your daily activities. Cats are also clean creatures and do not need a high degree of grooming since they can do it themselves. As an owner, all you have to do is feed and keep the litter box clean.

Love Birds: Birds are much more cost-effective and easy to take care of in comparison to what they offer. Well socialized and playful, these birds can also be man’s best friend. Peach faced love birds posses colors that are pleasing to the eyes. Peach-faced lovebirds like to turn any activity into a game, and they stay active much of the time, but when the time comes to settle down and rest, they enjoy snuggling with their owners. When hand-trained you need not worry about them flying away because they can trust you enough to stay in your pocket or on your collar. Like parrots, love birds can also utter a few phrases.

At Home with PetsRats: While most people think rats as a house pest, they can really make a good house pet. Rats are not demanding creatures. It will be contented being confined in a cage slightly bigger than them as long as you add some bedding, a spot for them to hide and sleep, food and drink and a toy to keep them entertained. They eat rat food which is readily available in the pet shop. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts can also be added to their diet.

Dogs : Man’s best friend! Dogs will always be there for you, eager to obey, loving and loyal. If you want a pet to be a part of the family, no other animal can take the dog’s place. Labrador retrievers are believed to be the perfect family dog. They are loyal and very attached to their owners. They love to impress their owners with tricks and stunts because they aim to please. Relatively easy to train, Labrador retrievers do not tire easily and are a great camping and travel companion. To top it all, Labradors are great with children because they are gentle and affectionate. My personal favorite is the German Shepherd who is easy to train and a great family dog.

Ferrets : Ferrets are like the combination of cats and dogs, only better. They are agile and playful and can be trained to come, or do tricks. Ferrets are crepuscular, meaning they spend 14-18 hours a day asleep and are most active around the hours of dawn and dusk. When excited, they may perform a routine known as the weasel war dance, characterized by sideways hops and bumping into things. Overall, ferrets are a beautiful creature, playful and energetic.


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