Do You Need a Storage Lock?

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Storage Lock

One of the things renters don’t think about prior to renting a self storage unit is the lock for the unit. People spend time searching online for a perfect storage facility with all the amenities and discounts but fail to do research on the proper lock. Sometimes the security measures at the storage facility aren’t enough to deter criminals. A good lock can go a long way.

Most self storage facilities will provide renters with locks but some may not. It is always a good idea to purchase your own lock for added security. Most facilities nowadays have various safety features from 24 hour security cameras, gated locks, coded entry and managers on duty but they are still at risk for break-ins. In order to ensure your items are safe and secure from potential criminal activity, purchasing  your own sturdy lock is recommended.

There are several locks to choose from such as padlocks, combination locks, disc locks and cylinder locks. Padlocks are small, cheap locks which only require a small key to lock and unlock and are not recommended for storage units. These can be cut and broken easily. Combination locks are also not recommended. They are similar to padlocks but require a combination to lock and unlock them and can easily be cut.

Disc locks and cylinder locks are two which are highly recommended for storage units. The disc lock is resilient and strike, drill, pick and cut proof which is all you would need for a storage unit. The lock ha a thick shackle which is hard to cut with bolt cutters and also has anti locking pins. Although it is not impossible to break, they are very difficult. If someone is trying to break into a storage unit but can’t cut the lock easily, they probably will move on to the next unit. Investing in a good lock is a great investment.

Most padlocks and combination locks, similar to ones you might see at the local gym, probably cost anywhere from $5-$20. A disc lock will run you a few more bucks at about $20-$25 and is definitely worth it. Any local hardware store should have them or you can simply search online.

These storage lock tips should aid you in your search. Be sure to check for everything and anything self storage. With thousands of self storage facilities listed nationwide, there is sure to be a local storage facility for you.

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