Moving on the Cheap

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Moving on the Cheap

Moving on the Cheap

Moving is one of the most stressful things a person can do. Packing all of your belongings, staging the home, putting the house on the market and then waiting for a purchase…..oh the waiting. Once your home is sold you have to move all of your possessions from your old home to your new residence. You can quickly spend thousands of dollars on boxes, moving trucks and hired help. Moving yourself is difficult, stressful and yet beneficial in that it can save you serious cash. Below are some tips to aid you in reducing your moving costs:

  1. Ask Friends: You can easily cut down on hired help cost if you ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers etc to help. You may end up spending money on food, gas and beverages but it’ll be less than what hired movers would cost.
  2. Find Free Boxes: It’s amazing the things you can find for free around your town. Try liquor stores, Starbucks, grocery stores and even Craigslist for free boxes. Most will gladly give you their boxes and they will all be similar in size making packing and stacking a breeze.
  3. Use Newspaper: Newspaper is a good replacement for packing paper.
  4. Use Towels: Towels can be used to wrap your glass, dishes and lamps.
  5. Pack Toiletries with You: Bring a suitcase of stuff you will need while traveling and pack it with a toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes and other toiletries.
  6. Clean Your Home: Clean your own home instead of hiring a cleaning company to come and take care of it.
  7. Get Estimates: Get a minimum of 3 and up to 5 estimates on moving trucks should you need them. This should give you a good idea on how much you should be paying and also give you enough options to choose from.

Utilize these moving tips and you can save big on your next move. Remember, lists thousands of self storage facilities nationwide if you need a self storage unit during your move.

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