Scottsdale International Film Festival

Scottsdale International Film Festival

The Valley is once more excited for another international event: Scottsdale International Film Festival. The Scottsdale International Festival is now in its 12thyear and this year’s festival will be celebrated from October 5-9th in the Harkins Shea 14 Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a gathering of the world’s filmmaker enthusiasts and everyone is expecting award-winning, spectacular films from all over the world.

The committee has released at least 38 contenders that are included in the festival. The film genre ranges from drama to comedy to science-fiction and is participated by different countries around the world.

Some of the participants include:

  • ABU, SON OF ADAM– A drama and an Oscar contender from India, the film is about an aged Muslim-Indian couple who wants to fulfill his lifetime ambition of going to Hadji, a religious pilgrimage to Mecca. Even with the rupees the couple has been saving for years, they would soon find out that the trip would cost a huge amount. This leads to a realization that their ambition would entail a lot of sacrifice.This film has been awarded by the National Film Awards, India as Best Film, Best Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Music Director.
  • A LATE QUARTET– A film by Yaron Zilberman, the film competes for Arizona Premier, Drama, Feature and Advance Screening. The film revolves around the world renowned cellist and the group’s battle to preserve their legacy. Inspired by Beethoven’s Opus 131 string Quartet in C-sharp minor, the film pays homage to chamber music and the cultural work of New York.
  • THE DAY I SAW YOUR HEART (Et Soudain Tout le Monde Me Manque) – A French dramatic comedy with a Jewish theme, the film centers on a complicated father-daughter relationship.
  • THE PRICE (El Premio) – Awarded by the Berlin International Film Festival as Outstanding Artistic Achievement, Havana Film Festival- Best First Work, Jerusalem Film Festival- Best Feature and Yerevan International Film Festival- Best Film. The film is about a mother and daughter fleeing Buenos Aires, under military dictatorship. Seven-year-old Cecilia joins a class for a patriotic essay contest sponsored by the very same army that had her father disappear.
  • THE WOMAN IN THE SEPTIC TANK (Ang Babae sa Septic Tank) – A multi-awarded film from the Philippines, the film is a comedy about misguided ambitions, the art of making art and of poverty. It talks about a day in the life of 3 young, ambitious and passionate but misguided filmmakers. With quick pre-production at the Starbucks for a courtesy call from their lead actress, they set out for an ocular inspection in the film’s major location: a dumpsite. Their film is about a mother who in her desperation to survive sold her daughter to a pedophile.
  • VOLCANO (Eldjfall) – Yet another dramatic Oscar contender film, this film harvested major film awards such as Silver Hugo New Directors Competition, Best New Director, Best Feature Film, Best Film/Director of the Year and a lot more. It is a film from Iceland by Runar Runarsson in 2011.
  • TEDDY BEAR – The film is about a 38-year old bodybuilder who never had another woman in his life other than his mother. He tries his luck looking for love in Thailand when his uncle married a Thai girl, however, he knows that his mother will never approve of this so he lies and tells her he is going to Germany. Burdened with the naive perception of love, coupled with culture shock and on the brink of giving up, he unexpectedly finds the woman of his dreams.

For a complete list of films, ticket details, and schedule, visit their official website

If you are not into films, you can still join the festivity by becoming a volunteer. Passes, tickets and shirts will be rewarded to the volunteers.

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