Food for Thought and Food for Health: Chimichanga

Food for Thought and Food for Health: Chimichanga


It may be deep fried but it’s just as good for you as it looks. The Chimichanga stems from Mexican origins and has since grown to become an American favorite especially in Scottsdale Arizona and the Valley of the Sun.

Get the best from your Chimichanga. Just know what’s good for your body and what available alternatives there are out there. Here are some nutritional benefits from some of the ingredients of the Chimichangas.

Uncooked long-grain rice – low in saturated fat, and very low in cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of selenium, which aids the skin during healing following burn injuries. Selenium has an antioxidant property that regenerated vitamins C and E that decreases the skin’s aging process. The major benefit from selenium is it increases the HDL cholesterol to LDL cholesterol for a healthy heart. Long grain rice is also a good source of manganese that is essential for proper digestion and the metabolizing proteins. It works as an antioxidant to help prevent cancer and heart disease.

Tomatoes – Tomatoes are low in sodium, and very low in saturated fat and cholesterol. They are an excellent source of free radical-scavenging vitamin C and vitamin A as well as bone-healthy vitamin K. They are a very good source of enzyme-promoting molybdenum; heart-healthy potassium, vitamin B6, foliate, and dietary fiber; blood sugar-balancing manganese. In addition, tomatoes are a good source of heart-healthy magnesium, niacin, and vitamin E; energy-producing iron, vitamin B1, and phosphorus; muscle-building protein, and bone-healthy copper (

Olives – Olives are a remarkable source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients. Olives are a very good source of monounsaturated fat and a good source of iron, copper, and dietary fiber.

Avocados – Avocados contain an amazing array of phytonutrients; carotenoids (beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lutein, neochrome, and oleic acid are key fats provided by avocado. Avocados are a good source of bone supportive vitamin K as well as heart-healthy dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and foliate. Avocados are also a good source of energy-producing vitamin B5 and muscle-healthy potassium.

So the next time you want to conquer a Chimichanga or two, don’t fret because you will not need to cheat on your diet anymore.

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