Little Island Paradise of Lana’i, Hawaii

Little Island Paradise of Lana'i, Hawaii

Little Island Paradise of Lana'i, Hawaii

Looking for that undiscovered tropical island paradise without much of the touristy feel of Honolulu and Maui? Lana’i is one of the eight gorgeous islands of Hawaii, which boasts sparkling blue waters, white sand beaches, and a tropical experience you will never experience elsewhere.

Lana’i is the least known islands among the eight. The beauty of this heaven-on-earth island is yet to be discovered.

As you drive along Lana’i, towering Cook Pine Trees greet and welcome the guests. The island is perfect for hiking and horse-back riding. After a hike, a nice dip in the ocean is just a few minutes away.

There’s plenty of scenic and historical places to visit, despite the island’s relatively small size: (1) For a scenic hike, go through the Munro Trail. The trail has the only spot in the whole Hawaiian Islands that offers a stunning view of the other 5 islands. (2) For an out-of-this-world experience, head down to the Garden of the Gods in Polihua, a Mars-like desert rock formation. (3) Shipwreck Beach, as the name suggests, features the hull of the World War II Liberty ship abandoned on the reef.

Dive, snorkel and discover the treasure of seas. Perhaps a good game of golf amidst a stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. During your swim you may experience Dolphins or even a green turtle. End the day with an unobstructed view of one of the most gorgeous sunsets you’ll ever witness at the Kaumalapau Harbor.

The island of Lana’i never ceases to surprise you. Witness the beauty. Experience Lana’i, HI.

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