Buying A Home: Old Homes versus New Homes

So you’ve decided to buy a home versus renting. What’s next? You are now in the phase of determining if a new construction home or a previously owned home would be the right choice. To help you settle this dilemma, here are some advantages and disadvantages of buying a new home versus a previously owned home.

Previously Owned Homes


  • Changes in zoning are unlikely to occur since older homes are built in established neighborhoods.
  • Mature plants, trees and vegetation.
  • Authentic master craftsmanship – Many older homes that are well constructed, have stood for years, decades and even centuries. The longevity of the home somehow verifies the strength of the foundation.
  • Larger lot size – Land was cheaper back then. Builders used to build homes on larger lots.


  • Older homes may mean more maintenance if not taken care of by former owners. More maintenance equals more cost for repair.
  • Updates may be necessary for some old homes like air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems; kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Again, more cost.

New Homes


  • The feeling of fulfillment of owning something brand new. It is always exciting to own something that has never been used.
  • Require little or no maintenance at all.
  • Most new homes are built with a builder’s warranty giving buyers assurance that the home is built well and that the builder won’t abandon the buyer after closing or if minor defects pop up.


  • Immature plants, trees and vegetation.
  • Tract homes – Cheaper option but floor plans are the same and homes are identical.
  • Newer homes are often situated farther away from downtown. That is, if you don’t mind the longer commute.

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