Welcome the New Year in Style at Scottsdale, Arizona!

Welcoming the new year with grand fireworks display is as epic and iconic as it comes in New York’s Time Square or in Sydney’s Harbor Bridge. The gorgeous display of lights never fails to enthrall anyone – of course, from a safe and comfortable distance. These light shows are more than just spectacles, they have become a tradition. 

Welcome the New Year in Style at Scottsdale, Arizona

Welcome the New Year in Style at Scottsdale, Arizona

Fireworks were first invented in 7th century China and was used for entertainment as well as for warfare. Fourteen thousand years later and fireworks are still being used more or less the same way but only better and safer.

The Chinese believed that the loud noises the fireworks made drove away the evil spirits, bad luck and ill fates. So welcoming the upcoming year with fireworks meant driving away the misfortunes and bringing in good luck.

Celebrate and dance your way through the night at various New Year’s eve parties in Scottsdale, Arizona. Before the clock strikes midnight, make sure to find a good spot, count your way down to 1 and witness the spectacular fireworks display. Welcome in the new year full of love and hope. Ring in 2012 with all the fun and amusements in and around Downtown Scottsdale and Scottsdale real estate.

Then top the night off with nice cold sparkling champagne to cheer on for the coming year.

Wishing you all a prosperous 2012 from the Luxury Valley Homes.

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