Scottsdale Arizona – The West’s Most Western City

Many writers talk about how great a city is without the personal experience of the city itself. As a first-time visitor to the buzzing city of Scottsdale, Arizona, we to experience the city of Scottsdale Arizona up and personal for a feel of just how vibrant this city is and does it live up to the hype. We interviewed a local REALTOR® named Jane Daley, who works, lives, and plays in Scottsdale. Who knows the city better than a local, right?

Best View

Scottsdale Arizona – The West's Most Western City

Scottsdale Waterfront

If you like to hike, either the top of “Camelback Mountain” or “Pinnacle Peak” in the northern part of Scottsdale both have trails that take you to over 3000 feet elevation for magnificent views. You can also drive up into the McDowell Mountain Ranch area in northeast Scottsdale where you can see magnificent views without having to leave your car or take advantage of the miles and miles of nature trails!

Favorite Neighborhood

It has to be Old Town Scottsdale, which is the original “downtown” area of Scottsdale and one of the first areas settled in the late 1800s by US Army Chaplain Winfield Scott.

It boasts the atmosphere of a “quaint small western town” and has many types of small, locally-owned shops and a variety of restaurants from casual diners to the upscale bistros. It also has some of the best nightclubs in the entire metropolitan Scottsdale, Phoenix area! If you like the bigger stores then places like Nordstrom are also available for your shopping pleasure.

Misconception about Scottsdale

The biggest misconception about Scottsdale is that it is primarily a tourist destination. Scottsdale is full of lovely resorts, golf courses, shops, restaurants, art galleries, and cultural events that cater to tourists and residents alike. However, Scottsdale also contains culturally diverse neighborhoods and some of the best medical research facilities and hospitals (Mayo Clinic and Scottsdale Healthcare) in the Southwestern United States. Residents of Scottsdale also have access to mountain hiking trails (Camelback Mountain and Pinnacle Peak), biking trails (Indian Bend Wash and McDowell Mountain Preserve), Equestrian facilities (Westworld), and almost 40 parks. Scottsdale Airpark boasts more employment than downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Rest and Relaxation

At most of the many Spas located in the luxury Scottsdale resorts that reside in the area, you can pamper yourself with a massage, dip in a therapy hot tub with whirlpool jets, sip a cool drink and watch the sunset at poolside. Two of my personal favorite resorts are Mountain Shadows and the Princess Resort with the Boulders a close third. Our sunsets in the Southwest are “to die for”. Your chances of seeing a fabulous sunset are great, even if you are just visiting the area for a few days. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, we have our fair share of incredible sunsets.

Visitor’s Must See

A visit to Old Town Scottsdale to get a flavor of the Old West or a stroll through Indian Bend Wash Park.

Local Souvenir

Purchasing a small living Cactus plant- It thrives with little to no water!

Must Try Specialty Dishes or Drinks

Scottsdale is known for a wide variety of restaurants that appeal to many tastes, however, a visitor should not miss the experience of trying Southwestern cuisine, whether it be tacos, enchiladas, or burritos served with refried beans and Spanish rice. This type of cuisine goes very well with their signature drink — The Margarita!

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