Explore Dynamic Downtown Scottsdale with FREE Trolley Rides

What could be a better way to enjoy Downtown Scottsdale than a free, year-round ride to almost anywhere you want to go and witness for visitors, tourists and shoppers. Shop ’til you drop and you still will not see it all. Delight yourself in a great dining experience. With Scottsdale’s array of excellent restaurantsand good eats, you’re sure to be satisfied and invigorated even before you get to say “Trolley!” 

Charming Scottsdale Trolley

Charming Scottsdale Trolley

Ride along the free trolley rides around Downtown Scottsdale as each of these 16 eco-friendly transits run daily, every 15 minutes and has a seating capacity of 22 passengers. Plus, these dainty trolleys are wheelchair accessible, air-conditioned, and are gorgeously designed in blue and champagne detailing.

The free trolley stops around Old Town Scottsdale where shops of all sorts are found. Old Town is a fascinating place to visit around Scottsdale, with hundreds of restaurants, bars, pubs and shops. Feeling the creative juice in you? How about a stop over at the Arts District and wander into galleries that catch your eyes. Prepare to be surprised by the assortment of artistic styles the people of Scottsdale exhibit. Then top the evening off with the experience of the stunning Scottsdale Waterfront, a 1.1 million-square-foot project located in downtown Scottsdale that includes retail, office, restaurant and high-rise residential buildings with spectacular architecture, surrounding paths and gorgeous landscaping line the waterfront. Just along the waterfront is the SouthBridge with its open-air European-style courtyards, high fashion boutiques, eclectic shops and world-class restaurants.

With these great Scottsdale downtown experience and many more, there’s plenty to do and see around Scottsdale! With the free trolley rides, you’re sure never to tire around the dynamic city of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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